A Good Start to 2013

It’s been over 3 months since I launched D’ Initially I envisioned myself blogging at least once a month……I’m going to have to work on that!

It’s been a busy first quarter of 2013 – collaborating with some uber-talented DJ’s on various weddings. What I love the most about collaborating on a gig, is the creativity and energy that builds throughout the event; two DJ’s bouncing ideas off each other, another set of eyes to read the crowd, varying styles coming together to take the music to another level.

But it’s also nice to have some “down-time” from gigs, so I can work on my own projects and expand not only my music library but also my knowledge base. I’ve got a lot of ideas for new mixes, and next up is some new 2013 reggae that I’ve been painstakingly sifting through. Also picked up some new gear (Pioneer DDJ-SX) at the Canadian DJ Show this past weekend; can’t wait to put all it’s capabilities to the test!

2013 has started off well for D’Realness, and I’ll be looking to build on that momentum!